Helping Teams Deliver

Servicenow Projects that Matter

We provide workshops that reduce the risk of business misalignment, department politics and process risk by practicing your Servicenow implementation before and during implementations.

Over 70% of projects fail when stakeholders don't stay aligned through a project

We guide teams through the chaos and risk of projects with our workshops reducing delays and cost overages

Where is Your Risk ?



Business Not


Lack of Project




How can Servicenow

mature our organization

to stay competitive

"it's just technology,

nothing to do with us"

"Who needs to know what exactly?"

“Are our internal customers enabled to help our end customer?”

We help your team engage effectively with the processes inside the technologies 




Guided by

Supported by

How to reduce the risks and costs of your project:

De-risk Implementation

Work the Plan

Identify Goals

business, technology and timeline

Workshop delivery,

gather feedback

Address urgencies and

risks within the project

(Two Hours)

(One day)

(Two Hours)

Our five hour experiential workshops identify risks before they impact the Servicenow project or program.

Where our workshops have reduced project risk: 

What our customers say

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